About Us

“Mindfulness is noticing what's happening right now, with kindness and curiosity."

OmKids uses the research based Little Flower Yoga and Mindful Schools curriculums to help children and caregivers develop the following:

  1. Social emotional skills needed to identify and balance emotions and build empathy
  2. Anchored attention at will to promote learning
  3. A calm nervous system in times of need
  4. Compassion for themselves and others

Bringing yoga and mindfulness programming to children and families, OmKids seeks to promote resilience. Participants will develop a mindfulness practice, which builds strong social emotional skills and promotes learning. Often, especially in adolescence, our emotions drive our behavior, but when we are able to connect with emotions and meet them skillfully, our reactive behavior decreases and our ability to pay attention rises.

Mindfulness supports emotional balance and learning. It builds compassion and empathy. OmKids engages children and caregivers in activities that allow them to connect with themselves, their peers, and their community. In doing so, we ingrain acceptance and understanding of ourselves and one another.

Yoga shapes are introduced in fun ways to help kids release pent up energy, find grounding energy, and learn techniques to calm the nervous system. Yoga also supports physical well-being including strength, flexibility, and balance.