Program: Schools

The OmKids program is a research-based mindfulness curriculum for preschool and elementary age children, families, and organizational staff.

The Program Includes:

Staff Professional Development

Professional development sessions teach the value and benefits of mindfulness. Self care is a top priority when working with Teachers.

A video curriculum offers mindful movement and guided relaxation. Videos support a healthy nervous system and stress management techniques.

In Person Classroom Sessions

In person mindfulness sessions teach the value of reflection and compassion. Sessions support a more focused and present classroom environment. 

Educational Workbook

An educational workbook designed to pair with classroom sessions to help kids reflect and as a way to share with caregivers.

Complete Evaluation + Report

A Complete evaluation and final report is provided upon completion (if requested) and highlights the successes of the sessions,

Program Goals

Social-Emotional Skills:
Develop skills to identify and balance emotions, and build empathy and compassion. Build self-awareness of physical and emotional self.

Practice anchoring attention at will to promote learning. Build awareness of attention and empower individuals to choose point of focus.

Engage in activities to promote compassion for self and others.

Learn simple techniques to calm the nervous system in times of need. Build healthy practices to process emotions to build resilience.

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