Lee Sowles, MPH

Founder, OmKids and Mindfulness Educator

In 2007, Lee’s life was profoundly changed when she found yoga and mindfulness. Struggling with healthy sleep patterns since high school, she noticed a dramatic shift when she started practicing yoga several times a week. Better sleep improved her focus and overall feeling less anxious.  Her self awareness deepened from there, recognizing how pervasive self-doubt, worry, and fear were in her life and the need for more balance in order to feel happy and well. 

At the same time this transformative practice entered her life, Lee was working with the most vulnerable communities in Maine. She quickly recognized the disparity in who is able to access the practices. 

With the goal to one day make yoga and mindfulness accessible to more people, Lee took a leap and moved to Los Angeles to attend a Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. After her training, she moved to Boston where she taught part time under a mentor who supported her growth as a teacher working with a diverse group of people living with long term injuries, disabilities, and other ailments. Lee also received her Masters of Public Health during this time where she focused on social determinants of health, program development, and public health research. Lee fully embodies her yoga, mindfulness, and compassion based practices, all of which support her need for a well balanced life.  

Lee sees great wisdom in all children. She sees the need for us to listen and learn from children, yet societal pressures can be disruptive to this natural process of life.  Lee works to remind children (and adults!) of our inherent ability to be present and mindful, and guides discussion on how looking inward can support their health and wellbeing. With the belief that if our children can understand and process emotions in a healthy way, feel empowered and focused, and reconnect with innate qualities of compassion for themselves and one another, these skills can transform lives and halt adverse outcomes. Through these teachings, we can re-wire our brains to promote resilience in times of stress, build a stronger sense of compassion and kindness, and find comfort being with ourselves.

A mother of two young children herself, Lee hopes to touch children, teachers, and caregivers in Maine and contribute to building resilience within communities. To learn more about program options for your school, organization, and/or family, please contact Lee directly!


Compassion Cultivation Training  [CCT], Stanford (2019); Yin and Meditation Certified Teacher (2017); Children’s Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop, Little Flower Yoga (2017); Mindful Schools Fundamentals Course (2017); Mindful Schools Educator Course (2017); MPH, Northeastern University (2013); Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher (2011). 

Julia Campilio

Video Curriculum Founder and Mindfulness Educator

Julie Campilio founded Radiant Beginnings in 2010. She is a yoga and mindfulness educator, consultant, author, curriculum developer and partner in research studies on emotional health. She has been bringing yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations for over a decade and focuses her program on teaching youth how to develop tools to self-soothe.

She has worked in private/public education, substance abuse centers, with underserved and high-risk youth, special needs populations and has partnered with social workers, occupational therapists, and teachers to create content that supports the social and emotional needs of ages 3-18.

Her drive to bring yoga and mindfulness to youth stems from her healing journey with chronic anxiety, specifically panic attacks. She is deeply committed to helping people develop lifelong tools for stress and anxiety and to increase resilience as part of a preventative intervention. Happily living in Maine, she thrives in nature, loves spending time with her family and friends, hiking, biking, surfing, and cooking.

Erica Marcus

Mindfulness Educator

Erica Marcus, founder of Wise Minds. Big Hearts., is thrilled to be collaborating with Om Kids to bring mindfulness to educators throughout Maine. Her current work is the culmination of nearly fifteen years of experience in classroom teaching, wilderness youth therapy, and outdoor education combined with Mindful Schools and Kripalu Yoga certifications.

Erica believes that educators benefit immensely from cultivating a mindfulness practice, and those benefits have the power to transform classrooms. She learned this first hand during her tenure as a middle school language arts teacher in Washington, D.C., where she experienced how growing her own practice profoundly shifted her ability to be present with her students and colleagues. She invites teachers to both consider not only how they can teach mindfulness to their students, but teach mindfully, from a place of compassionate awareness.

She currently is enjoying the balance of being an adjunct wellness faculty member at Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, working with educators on building their own capacity, and raising her toddler. She also enjoys hiking, running, surfing, painting, and eating ice cream.